Friday, November 30, 2012

Swimming lesson

Adam has just started his swimming lesson. In his second lesson he can float and hold his breath up to 10 seconds under the water.

Finding the swimming instructor was a challenge for me. The most important thing is someone who can get along with Adam very well and we are lucky for finding this guy who is from swimming club in USM.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A lot of water colour paintings

Today we did a lot of water colour painting. First we started with a subject, The Gruffalo as this is what  Adam into, if you read many Julia Donaldson's book you know what I am talking about. At the same time, he learns about patterns in his school. He talks about patterns nowadays. Simple things that make kids wonder :-) So our second painting is all about patterns. Lastly, I asked him that he can surprise me with anything that he felt like to paint.

The Gruffalo




 When I called him to look at me for taking this photo 
he told me, "No mommy I am doing my work"


This is what he surprised me when I let him do free-painting.  
Can you see a trolley, a flower, a motorbike and a bee? 

Safety to all

This morning when sending Sophie to nursery. She insisted to bring her baby.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home away

We were away for a week. The trip route was Penang-KL-JB-Kluang-KL-Penang. Driving with 2 little kids can be challenging so that's why we broke the journey in the middle-KL.

It was a fun trip. Opened our eyes to the other side of Malaysia that we seldom visit. The trip made us realize how lucky we are for living in Penang :-) It made us appreciate what we have now. We always look if there is any new place that we can settle down other than Penang. For now, it is too risky to make a move.

Anyway I shall write more about what this new place that we visited in JB and for sure people with kids will love it.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

Lego oh Lego

I blogged about used Lego. So, this is the nearly half of the Lego that Adam made so far. He can follow the 5+ instruction without help.

The way he play he plays with Lego is quite interesting too. He checks every length of lego pieces before fixing it. Either by counting the dots on Lego or compare the length of the Lego with the other.

He gets familiar with the parts that he has been played with. He used good reader on IPad to read the instruction that he doesn't have, and also there is Lego app on apple store.

He has difficulties to break apart same size of Lego. Even adult has the same problem.

Next week we are heading to Legoland :-) I can imagine how excited he is going to be.

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