Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eating outside

We are very seldom eating outside nowadays. May be only weekend either one of lunch or dinner. For many reasons. For healthier dish, economical and of course time. I feel eating if I go out to get ready, waiting for food to be ready sometimes it is better eat at home.
I don't know why many restaurant that we used to go, I feel that the quality of the food and dish are getting low.
Even nani kandar restaurant, hawker are also the same.

Only recently we went to delicious, for the sake of being lazy, but the food again are so so. Our favorite dish has been take. Away from the menu. Waitress who know us are nice to us, so that's what I like about it. Just some of them.

Other restaurant like Sakae also the same. Malay restaurant, hmmm I have been into any since ever I quit work. What ever is it best to eat at home :-)

The active one

My daughter Sophie is the active girl. She always wants to try a new thing especially out door play and toys. So does Adam. I think brother's influence is important too. When I asked my kids if they want to play outside when they are  watching tv. They chose utdoors over TV :-) For now. As they are still young I think I should encourage them to do as much as sports as they can.

Ok back to Soph. She has been on tricycle since she is like 18 months and pedalling it by herself. On her bicycle, we pushed and pulled her around until last 2 days she showed that she can pedal by herself.  Since then, she just wanted to do it by herself. We thought she had done well, as I remember it took us ages to get Adam to pedal. I think 2 reasons, one is because she has her brother to follow, and second the bicycle that we got her can cycle 2 ways forward and backwards. Unlike Adam bike, it has the backwards ride is the break of the bike.

The she is on her bike last 2 days... :-)

And, this is her on her scooter. She can steer now, but still can't reach the break yet. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boys playdate

We had play date with all Japanese boys from Adam classmate. There are 3 of them, and together with their brothers and one of the boy has twin sister.

Handling all boys can be very though. I respect teacher's job when I saw all of these boys interacting.

Next time, I will host :-)

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mean Girl

This is my daughter's face after she hit Adam's face with Barbie doll. She did that as she walked pass Adam.

Adam as usual, told me (kaki ngadu) about what Sophie did to him.

When I asked Sophie if it was accident or purposely did that. Her answer was purposely did that!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seeing Principal?

We were told by someone that Adam got into fight with 2 other boys and had to be sent to principal's office. I don't know if I should laugh or worry when I knew about it. The other 2 boys are Adam's friends in class and the same boys who come back home from school by van.

So this morning when J sent Adam to school, they were greeted by the principal on the roadside. J thought it could be worse than what we were being told, since principal called Adam's name. :-D Adam, Adam, Adam.

J went to check with Adam's teacher that it wasn't a true story. PHEW!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Talent that shouldn't be buried.

My husband loves taking pictures. Most of the nicest pictures on my flickr were taken by him. I asked him to have his owned flickr account for ages. Finally he created one. Here you go.  


Monday, January 07, 2013

School term starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we are back to school run, which mean have to wake up early, prepare Adam to school.

We make a few different arrangements this year. Which mean spending more time with our kids, despite I still have my study to finish.

I always remind myself the reason why I quit work to spend time with kids as my priority. At one point, going back to work will be my responsibility too.

They are playing together which I like about it although they are quarreling but it is part of having sibling.

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Play Dough

Someone gave Adam Play-dough on his 3 years old birthday. We played it for a while but some how it doesn't mould properly in this Malaysia heat.
The best dough is the one you get in Tesco, one that I used to play when I was young.
Anyway, I found this RM5 play-dough that made from wheat.
So today kids are happily playing with it and making a lot of stuffs.

Adam loves it and knew what to do with it. He made anything that he came into his mind.

Sophie on the other hand complaining about her hand get dirty.

This is what we made so far! Mostly done by Adam.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Meaty Salad

I grilled steak, undecided either to make sandwich or just eat like that. I had salad instead and shared with my dear J.

Now is 3 and I am hungry :p Carb Craving!

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Thursday Swimming

Just like other week, my Thursday afternoon is with my
boy learning swimming.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cupcakes day (again)

My sister in law in New Zealand sent us cupcakes book with silicon cupcake cases.

Kids couldn't wait to make this cupcakes. Now, I have two helpers who wanted to do everything so must assign tasks who do what.

Cupcakes finishes quickly.

We used margarine and krimwell for the topping because Sophie's allergy problem.

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Happy New Year! Great 2013 ahead!