Sunday, March 31, 2013

My dad had heart attack

My dad has been a healthy man until last week he had heart attack. He was admitted to cardiac care unit.
It was happened at home when my dad and my mom just got back from visiting relative who just passed away. He was sweatying and had a chest pain. My mom immediately called my SIL who is a nurse and the ambulance came with her to emergency room.
It is the new public hospital in our Kluang but I have to say we are impressed with the facilities and services. At first, my sis and I wanted to move to the private hospital in town but looking at how comfortable my dad is there we decided to let him room in Hospital Kluang.
My 62 years old dad had never admitted into hospital in his life. He is the type who will not go to hospital or clinic when he is ill. But this time is serious. So he better be.

My dad in CCU.
He doesn't have any blockage artery which mean his food intake is fine. The problem is because he is a smoker and did hard work which he shouldn't be doing.

When I visited him, he can walk and able to perform his solat and seems normal as I always see him.

Alhamdulillah, he discharged yesterday.
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Balance and healthy

My kids dinner today,
Salmon & carrot soup, steamed broccoli and rice.


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Sophie's hair. 2 years 5 months old.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hang on...

My dad is admitted...and J is in Australia for 10 days... :(

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our visitor must visit

Whenever we have foreign visitor we will bring them to Ananda Bahwan for reasonable price of Northern Indian cuisine. If you don't like norther Indian food there are other local food like nasi goreng, or mee goreng. We adult shared our meat and vege dishes. Adam had roti canai and Soph had chicken clear soup and rice.

I seriously need to get camera phone with good quality photo.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


J and BIL tested motorbike. This green machine will serve us while in waiting list for his car.
simple life...

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First Award

Adam recently received award from his teacher for following golden rule. We are so proud of him and since this is his first award we decided to reward hin so he continues to motivate himself for being good. He is into Lego, so we gave him a fire truck with crane.
The same day that he received his award we had a term meeting with his teacher. She commented that Adam is not having problem with his academic, languages and numbers. He can remember the phonic sound for every letter which mean more reading by himself. He does simple one especially three letters word.
Also she commented that Adam is way above average. We didn't expect she is going to say that. On his confidence level with socializing with other people is improved a lot better. He is fine to talk to other teachers who came to his class.
Wish him continue being good boy the most important thing always being nice, discipline and responsible.
Good Job my dear son!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Relative visit

This weekend is F1 Grand Prix in Malaysia. Which mean, my BIL is coming to visit us. He always does that when come to Malaysia and Singapore F1. This time we will have him to sleep in family room, because our Sophie is now sleeping on big bed and we don't want to interrupt that routine.

This is also first time someone will sleep on sofa bed. When my mom came she slept with me because J wasn't here. My sis always takes hotel because she is the type who don't want to burden people.
Anyway, being me who is always panic when before the visitor came, and being clean freak tidy up the house. Today we both made sure that the room is comfortable for BIL to sleep in.
J told me that it is only his brother and don't worry so much, but seeing him tidy up too make me more panic. :-) Although his brother came here many times, we still think that we need to treat our guest the best and they feel welcome.
Satu lagi bini dia jenis pembersih gila, (rata-rata wife orang UK yang I kenal memang macam tu) So make me lagi panic. Hehehe...Now waiting for my husband to pick up his brother. And I just sprayed the whole house with nearly one bottle of Ambi-pur. Hehehe...

Just realise the duvet cover "terpeleot" in this picture.... Very lazy to go up.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tedious job

Adam is kind of boy who can do work that require high concentration. He can sit down and do it for long hours. Unlike Sophie is the opposite. Today Adam saw me peeling an egg, and insisted to help me. So I gave him the pot and there he was peeling the eggs.
In fact he loves to do this kind off peeling job. I blogged about him peeling all the crayon skin. I think it is the satisfaction of having it looked clean.

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Gardening with 2 and 4 years old

Instead of playing outside in this hot weather we planted more trees. This time from seeds. Soph planted carrot tree and Adam planted tomato and apple tree :-)

Both of them are responsible to look after their plants. Hopefully they don't forget to water them.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Little garden

In the conjunction of Adam's school activities I am forcing myself to plant something useful which requires a lot of care.
So here is our little garden

My basil tree, which grows so quickly and I don't have any idea what to do with it anymore. The first harvest is frozen in our freezer.

My coriander pot, grow slowly.

The seeds packet says chives. It doesn't look like chives indeed. My mom think they are spinach.

My rosemary.
Today, my son said he wants to plant apple tree. Hehehe....
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Friday, March 15, 2013

5 minutes

I asked Sophie to put all the toys away. Her answer was "5minutes"

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Down in KL again

I have urgent paperwork that I need to do and so did J. Down in KL again. My paper work needed to be done in Putrajaya so we went to see again the place that we like to move in one day. Indeed, we still like the place. Really and think we can move anytime. But, the problem is the school. There are 2 international school nearby. There is one which is  like 5 minutes from the residence.
Because it was a last minute trip, so we didn't make any appointment and couldn't visit the school.

Looking at the nearby area, we think it is potential area. We saw more developers are picking up building properties. Many people asked me why Cyberjaya?

I like Cyberjaya because of so many parks. Really many parks... I don't want to leave nearby shopping mall which that is becoming kids' activity. I want them to cycle, scooter, run, picnic and close to nature when growing up. Although new mall is currently being build like 5-10 minutes from where we are looking to live.

Another reason, it is nearby KLIA and Putrajaya rail is nearby to the residence too. Convenience for J. From MEX (Majujaya Expressway) took us 25minutes to Jalan Ampang, not bad we thought. Even today it will take roughly about 30minutes to Bayan Lepas Free Tradezone from where I live.

Property is still cheaper comparing to other places and it is growing.
My family are nearer compare to now 7 hours to parents house, it will be only 3 hours. 30-40minutes to my brother and sister who are in KL.

So hopefully we will like the school too :-)

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fruits and plants

This semester, Adam is learning about fruits and plants at school. Parents are given assignment to help our children to understand about this subject. For the start, we need to find food wrappers, boxes and papers that have picture of plants and seeds. Because Adam goes to school by bus, I don't want him to bring something big so here is what we prepared. :-)

At the same time we went to collect seeds from gardens and parks. We are lucky or backyard is planted with 'Pinang' tree. So we collected those seeds and I added corns kernel.

Last Saturday, after swimming class we both walk in the USM garden, so today he can bring more to school. On the way home, we talked about plants growth process and he knew about photosynthesis already that he learnt at school.

Well done Adam!

We bought a few seeds so may be we will try to plant more trees at home.

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Egg Carton Craft

Today, after Adam swimming lesson we had craft project using egg carton. (again) because he knew I just bought eggs.

This time we used magazine for colored paper. We talked about recycling and not wasting paper. Adam understood the reason why we were recycling, so we don't cut so many trees. Good one Adam.

Mouse. Sophie painted this egg carton, as you can see she mixed all the color.

Ladybug. This is for his next assignment in his weekly phonics lesson. This time they need to bring object that begin with letter 'L'. Doesn't really look like ladybug eh?

Ant. This is Adam's own idea. Explaining to him about the ant has three segments were quite challenging.

I had to ask my dear husband how many legs does an ant have.


This meant to be chicks, but I was so lazy to cut its ear.

The animal boat.

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Saturday morning routine

After a few weeks of CNY, swimming pool close for other event, I am back to my Saturday routine, sitting on this deck waiting for Adam finishing his lesson.

Adam has this 1000 excuses for doesn't want to do things that he doesn't like. Excuses and lies are apparently kids development, but it is how we teach him to tell truth and being honest are important thing.

Sometimes, we have to use bribe technics although I don't like it. Or may be I should call it reward, only after he can do this then be will get this. I want him to do as he wants to do it, not forcing or scolding.

May be come out with time table will be a good idea so he will prep himself what is coming soon. I will see what I can do about it. Maybe my next project, so he knows that is his responsibility to do things.

Anyway, this text book is accompanying me today. Too many to do eh?

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Monday, March 04, 2013

3 of us

My sister and family came on Friday and spent their weekend in Gurney Hotel and had meal with me, kids and my mum.
This time my kids got along very well with their cousins. I think that is because they are getting bigger now so they understand about their relatives. My mom left with them yesterday and stay in KL for 2 nights.
My routine is back to normal. Adam is on the bus, which he didn't want to when my mom was around, our cat was gone for 2 nights and now back home happily. I was worried. Actually she was following me to strait quay but couldn't cross the road and it was raining afterwards.

Today, we made sand craft, the biggest we ever made. Played outside, and paddled in the water.

It is all worth it when they are happy.

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Silly face

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