Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The door that he can open

Today, while Sophie is having her nap, Adam and I made this craft work together. It is always good to have Adam and mummy time.
Same as Sophie, she has her own and mummy time too.

So today we made house, I started with the first house, and Adam added on the rest.

His scissor handling is almost perfect now so I let him using my scissors.

He can cut the door, but the window by right we need to use knife, I just used scissors.

And let him added anything he wanted to. He added grass, and drew a person, who is about to leave home so that's why the leg is kind of sticking out from the house. He told me the story while drawing it.

Continuing adding flowers and tree.

Drew our neighbor.

He said this lady is wearing tutu skirt and ballet shoes :-)

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Blast off jet pack!

I recently made a jet pack for my kids. The idea came from my husband, he always gives idea and I am the one who execute the project :-). There are plenty of blog teaching you how to, but I chose this one with a little bit of tweaking to make it stronger.
I used anything ready at home. Bottles or you can use Pringles bottles, cardboard and for the strap I used the Giant shopping back strap which I cut because it is need to be retired soon :-)
At the beginning I used hot glue to put things together, but I found it got brittle when it dry. So I added duct tape on and around the bottles and the cardboard to make it stronger.
Adam had been wearing it anywhere at home and even at the backyard while riding on bicycle and scooter.
Coincidently, this week he has to bring something that begin with letter "j" for his show and tell. It is quite hard to find things start with letter "j", perhaps jelly, jeep etc.
Being us (partly English) always want Adam to bring something different so the class won't have the same thing and improve their vocabulary to something that they haven't heard.
He is with jet pack and magnifying glass.

Jet pack from the side

Sophie is trying out, but too big strap for her and keep falling off from her shoulder, as I made it tailored for Adam.

My kids are happy with the jet pack, so we are happy.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adam's drawing

Today, after Adam came back from school, I asked Adam to change and put his school clothes in laundry basket. That's the routine, but somehow he didn't want to put the clothes in the laundry basket and used crying to show tantrum.
Smack isn't a good that I want to do. So we just started implement this new way of punishment. If they cry and show tantrum they need to go into their room. It doesn't matter if they cry in his room or play or do something.
He chose to draw in his room. This is what he made during that punishment period. It is an airport with 4 aero planes, and stairs and luggage truck. I think this is his imagination of our recent trip to Singapore because we took Air Asia. :-) Budget airlines use stairs.

I don't know if it is a good way of punishment, but I think time out is a good way of making them stop showing their tantrum.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

The universe

Today we made the universe using a few circles. We used recycle paper from ikea wrapping paper. There are a lot of references on the internet on how to make the universe. We did our way because Adam was a bit lazy to write the name of the planets on the paper.

I drew the circle using compass and had him cut the circle. Surprisingly, he can cut the circle very well by following the circle line. Nearly perfect circle.

After finished cutting Soph and Adam drew on the circles paper. Of course they drew anything they like.

I helped to write the name of the planet.

Took us nearly 1 hour with my kids.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sophie own style

Sophie loves to choose her own clothes when she gets dress. This is what she chose today, t-shirt, princess skirt, bag pack and white flats.

What a color and style combination.

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3 nights in Resort World Sentosa

Last 2 weeks we went to Sentosa Singapore, just for a short break and because of Adam's school break. But, it doesn't mean we have to be away on his school break. I came out with plan based on the budget. Because of it is kind of last minutes planning, we didn't go very far away and chose cheaper airlines which is Air Asia.

Just like any other trip, we don't know why it will start with little accident. It was Soph this time. While she was on her trunki I swapped my hand holding the strap to avoid the people in front of me. So she felt down and knocked herself on the floor. I agreed it was my fault. So much blood gushing from her mouth and of course we were panic parents, had to call the medical office at the airport. She thought it was quite serious so she called an ambulance and we had to cancel our exit from Penang, had Air Asia to postpone our trip to the next one. When ambulance arrived, the staff nurse said, it wasn't so serious. She just bit her lips. So we can still go for our trip. We then go back again to the immigration and we manage to get into the flight on time. Surprisingly we weren't the last people on board despite all the chaos we had made before even get on the plane :-) This is a picture of Soph after 2 nights of the incident. Seems getting better in this picture.
@universal studio

The 3 nights day was excellent. We stayed at Festive hotel, Singapore because it is family friendly with bunk bed and sofa bed. Adam slept on the bunk bed and Soph slept with us on the king size bed. I booked through AsiaTravel website, the package came together with 2 adult entry tickets to Universal Studio, S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove. I thought it was a very good deal because at the same time I checked the rate in Agoda for the same price I would only get the room without breakfast. Sophie is still under 3 years old so we only paid for Adam's ticket. This is why I always think travelling with kids is fun because they get free entrance :-D

As soon as we arrived we visited S.E. A Marine Aquarium. It was fun for kids but I find the aquariums are repetitive. It was quite dark, so if you go with your kids make sure you stay close with them. Anyhow, Adam and Soph had a good time, we are sure. There are a lot too learn because of many type of fishes. 

@S.E.A. Aquarium

This is photo of Soph and Adam at the exit of aquarium. Learning about map and countries. 

@S.E.A. Aquarium

The second day we visited Adventure Cove. It is water park. Surely one of the best we have been to. It was huge so we didn't try every rides and many parks are for Adult. We didn't take any photos as well because of the wet area. 

And on the third day we visited Universal Studio of Singapore. This is the second Universal Studio after the one in Hollywood I have visited. This is not that big, but it sure enough for our family. My kids knew Elmo and Transformer so that where the focus were. Not very much Madagascar fan and they both scared at Shrek. There are many rides for younger kids like ours but we didn't go everything. May be when they are a bit bigger we will go again. 


For visitors who stayed in the hotel, we are given free rides of monorail through out our stay. So everyday after the visit we popped into Vivo City and had our dinner and some shopping. The environment and feel is like in Malaysia so it is quite easy for us. There are plenty of restaurant in the resort itself so it is quite convenience. The resort is stroller friendly, except some of the stroller paths aren't shed. So it inconvenience on rainy day. 

Other photos are in Flickr Page. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cicak Dialogue

Both of my kids knew I am scared of cicak (lizard). One day, J overheard this conversation of our kids.

Adam, "Soph, I pretend to be mummy, you show to me cicak."

Sophie showed the toy cicak to Adam.

Adam, "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!"

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Friday, April 12, 2013

The colorful courtyard

I have a problem with my plants get to much rain. We don't have big land so the only way to do is to have cover on it. I asked J if getting an umbrella is a good idea. After surveying for umbrella we found there are many shops that make tent and umbrella on Chulia Street, but most of them are PVC for commercial or hawkers.

We then decided to try Mekio and they sell canvas umbrella that we are looking for.

There were 2 of them, the plain green color is nearly double the price than what we bought.

We love this stripe, as it kind of brighten up the whole area. Giving a character to our courtyard.

Because we went there with our kids, they both wanted to get their own plant. Of course their choices are colorful. Some are for hanging.

So our courtyard is so becoming colorful courtyard now.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

3D prespective

This few days Adam has started to draw with perspective. Here is one of the house that he drew, with the side of the house.

Is it the progress?

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Natural way of parenting...

I mentioned on my past blog post that my ex-boss's wife is a child minder. Her official job tittle is child play therapist. So last week they both came to my house to collect some collectable items. I feel so lucky that we knew them. I am so amaze at her how she can get along with my kids in seconds.
I learnt a lot from her about when playing with kids using all the natural item. Things that we have at home. Role play is good but not so many toys. We played with boxes, papers and anything but still don't beat how much amount of toys at home. Hahaha Quite embarrassed by her comment that how much toys my kids have. Luckily she didn't check other rooms.

Anyway, that's my resolutions this year. To use as much as ready item at home. It doesn't mean my kids can't have toys. But lesser than what we have today...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


After 3 nights trip to Sentosa, we are now back in Penang. Really love it and I will try to upload photo to flickr when I got a chance.

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Sophie and mini her

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We have been away. Short trip away and all about kids!... Real fun.
The hotel room has loft bed... Adam loves it.

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Experimenting with ice

I found this idea from Pinterest. I thought it was cheap activity to do with your kids.

First prepare the ice. Because the idea is to have your kids breaking the ice, so adding small toy is a good idea for them to understand what need to be achieved.

Something to surprise them put any toys you think they will like, or for fun sweeties that you seal in plastic bag. This quick to do the long process is only to wait the ice to be set.

Because most of the items are floating, you have to do this step twice. Once the ice set, take out and turn it, so the position of the toy is in the middle and put it in the colored water again.

Remember ice floats in the water. A bit tricky but sure you can figure out. Pinterest doesn't mention about this step so I had to figure out myself :-) of course with J's help.

I use this pandan coloring because this is what we have at home.

This is how it should look like once you take from the freezer.

Have your kids to think how to take the toys out. For safety reason, use goggles if they want to bang with hammer.

Sophie tried to shoot it. One day I put turtle in the ice. That drove her mad because she thought it was real turtle. I am not a cruel mom!

Adam had figured out the best and fastest way is to smash on the hard floor. But make sure no one nearby, and throw as far as he can.

At the same time you can do other experiment with your kids, put the ice in the water and see if will float and put stone in the water it will sink. Next we are going to experiment, putting the stone in the ice, let's see if it will sink or float.

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When we were in UK last year I bought a few clothes and shoes for Soph. They are not expensive because we bought from hypermarket like Tesco or Asda.
Today, we went through what we bought and look like she can wear some of them already.
This is one of my favorite. If they had my size I surely bought one for me. This is H&M's.

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Get along very well

Many of my friends commented that my kids are getting very well and asked me how did I do it. Yes they are getting along very well and still they are fighting and quarrelling but not so much nowadays. I think it is all about attention. We just have to be fair. If one kid get a toy another one also get the toy. I have to say sometimes because of my luck that I have a pair. If both are same gender then, they will fight for the same toys that they like.

Adam doesn't like girly stuff and Sophie doesn't like boys stuff. So, pretty easy to handle. But, nowadays, they are fighting what to watch on TV. Sometimes Sophie wants to watch Angelina Ballerina and Adam wants to watch Lego (he is into Hero Factory and NinjaGo). Sophie hates it... So, always use the word "TAKE TURN"

Talked to them, now is Sophie's turn to watch her favourite show so Adam can play with something else first.

Of course, it doesn't work all the time. So if they argue with me both don't get to watch. As simple as it is. We control them. Other than TV, they are pretty good together. I love when they pretend play father, mother and baby, sometimes they pretend they go for holiday, so they carry suit case and stroller. The most important thing is being fair.

Reading time, both got to choose what they want to read. Most of the time we read at least 2 books. Comprehension is important, just to catch what they have read. I asked Sophie simple questions like counting, shapes or color. Adam will have to read simple words. "TAKE TURN" is the key, one after another. At the same time teaching them to become patience. When we had late evening we will skip the book or only read 1 book. Then, we got to choose the book for them. Or no book when we are seriously tired. We are just like other people and need a rest too.

I have to say they are well behave when daddy is not around. Or when I had to go down to Johor when my dad sick, J said they both were really good. Well it is about attention we think...

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Stationary organizer

Today after picked up Adam from music school we made a stationary organizer from cereal box and toilet paper tube holder.
Nothing fancy. He asked me that he wanted to make something.

To make the organizer, cut in the middle of the cereal and wrap with plain paper. We did this because Adam was going to decorate it.

Today I taught him how to make heart shape by folding the paper and he was quite surprised how it turned out. He said, "it is like magic mom"

Then just arrange the tube and stick with double sided tape and here is his own personalized stationary organizer.
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Hisashiburi no Cupcake

It has been a while I haven't made cupcakes with kids. The last time should be after Christmas. I just need to eat healthy food. I am making super simple cupcakes, because we are going to use the cream icing, I reduced the sugar amount to 2/3 of the recipe.Adam as usual helped me, and Sophie wasn't interested at all. Don't expect your kids to be like you :-)Human are different in their own way. Anyway,

As you can see Adam was busy helping me to prepare for decoration and Sophie wanted to eat the decoration just like that. She is the one who is "kuat makan" in the house. In a way it is good that she is dairy allergy and she understands it, or else she will "tibai" cheese, ice cream and all fattening dairy product.

After the cupcake, they helped me to clean the balcony and then they ran around outside.

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Family first

As soon as my dad admitted to hospital I informed J who were in Towoomba for working. I was thinking to take a flight with my 2 children at first but then J said he will come home to look after kids so I can see my dad, since children are not allowed in CCU. 

Taking flight with 2 and 4 years old can be very tricky, I know I can do it but there is always a risk. Plus, the flight is only arrived in Senai airport at 9PM. I am grateful that my husband put his family first than everything else. 

J is now back to his work in Australia... We miss you babe! Can't wait to see you and have our vacation.