Friday, May 31, 2013

Spell backwards

What signal do you use with your spouse when you don't want your kids to know what you are talking about?

We used to spell, but now Adam can figure out we have to find the best way. Sometimes we spell like O O Z for zoo, or spell by adding number, like SH1T. Sometimes Japanese word.

What do you use?

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Y for yeast

Next week Adam has to bring something beginning with letter y for show and tell. It is always in our mind about YOYO when come to letter Y.We usually try to bring something that not so common object so Adam and his classmates can learn new vocabulary. We thought about introducing yeast to him. Indeed in Malay also we called it "yis".
The most important thing is what is yeast for? The easiest one is to make bread. We don't use and scientific term when we talk to him. Simple words for better understanding. So we made bread from scratch by hand together. First measure all the ingredients. We used 425-450g whole meal flour, 1 tea spoon of yeast, 1 tea spoon of sugar and 300ml of water. I let my kids doing the measuring by reading the numbers on the scale or measuring cup.

Then, pour the sugar and yeast in the cup and mix with some water. Let them smell the ingredients. Make them think what is the smell like?

Let them stir. By this time you should see the mixture is getting bubbly.

Make a well in middle of the flour bowl and pour the yeast mixture with the remaining of water. With hand, mix the flour mixture until soft consistency. It takes a few practice to understand what is the right texture of raw bread dough. This process is to get dirty and Adam loves it.

Once done, put it a side cover with muslin cloth or tea towel or cling wrap, in the baking tin and leave it until double the size.

We put sunflower seeds and glaze with olive oil (should use milk, one of us dairy allergy). Bake in oven 180 c, for 30 mins. Here is our homemade from scratch by hand whole meal bread. We had with beef stew and broccoli today. Nom Nom!

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Painting by Soph

Today we did painting work and Sophie was the one who showed interest while Adam is not feeling well because of fever. So he just sat down and watched.
The first subject was free flow.
This is the result by Soph because there is no guidance. She used a lot of colors and mixed everything and used most of the brushes.

Next, I drew a caterpillar and had Sophie to paint it. This is the result; she started with green in the first circle and Adam added with other color because he wanted to make colourful caterpillar. But somehow Sophie finished the rest of circles with green. This time is with some of my help on holding the brush together with her. So it was less smudgy.

The third photo I drew a flower in a pot. This time without my help in holding the brush she chose right color for leaf and stem and yellow for the petals of flowers. Lastly, she finished coloring the pot with purple.

Here you go. I thought it is not too bad for 2 years and 7 months old girl. Most of the colors are within the line. Keep it up Soph!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scrap paper

I made a lot of paper buntings for Adam's school fun fair. I ended left with a lot of triangle shape of scrap papers. Of course I wouldn't throw them away.

Adam decided to use the triangle for the house's roof and boat.

Same as Sophie, she is copying what is Adam doing.

I also asked my kids what else can you make with the triangles.

Let's think and imagine.


Bigger triangle.

Christmas tree.

Mountain and valleys


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recycle cereal box

I prepared a box on the corner of kids playroom that we can throw anything recyclable for our kids. That's include toilet paper roll, cereal box, any kind of box that didn't hold liquid in it.My kids can just take and create anything they want of course with our help. Painting is the easiest things to do.
Yesterday we turned the cereal boxes into houses. We opened flat the boxes and reconstructed into box with the inside out. By doing this, it allowed them to decorate their house as they like.

The houses were used for pretend play set up. We made a city last year. This time, my kids play dinosaur place ala Jurassic park.

It is up to our creativity how we want to decorate it. Adam and I drew windows and door, he added flower and fences. I cut out the door line, so the dinosaurs can get in and out the box

May be next time I will try to cut the window and put cell battery operated lights. Time for Adam to learn further about electric. How fun it can be when we make our own toys.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013


One day, Sophie just decided to eat sausage without eating rice.

Me,"Soph you need to eat some rice, rice is carbo and it gives energy"

(We have been using this carbohydrate, protein and vitamin because that what Adam learnt at school recently)

Soph answered with her Chinese slang, "I don't want. Energy is dangerous..."

Either we have been talking about nuclear energy or she associated dangerous with too much carb.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dilemma is answered

J and I had been doing a lot of research of moving from Penang to KL. we chose to live in cyber because there are so many potential in that area and development are coming up every time we go there since last Raya. We found the house that we like. Really like and we see the house can be called home.  One of the reason we want to move there to concentrate on our kids education onky without worrying big chunk of income to go to mortgage, which mean we could sell our house in Penang and get cheaper house in KL and clearing our mortgage.

Our kid's education is the key to our move. Nearby airport and IT area which is easy for me to find job are the plus points.

Why we want to send our kids to International School. Or English medium school, simply because we both want to get involve in their education. Sending to sek keb. will be difficult as much workload to one parent and one feels left out.

So last Monday we went to the international school. My input is, if Adam hasn't been to his current school now, I will proceed to enrol him to this new school. It is not fair for me to say that the school is bad, but with our experience we can easily decide what to choose.

To conclude, for now we are going to stay in Penang. For how long? I don't know yet. May be forever :-) But in the meantime we are also open to option, in case there are new schools in Cyber.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bookday and nap

My kids had a very long nap today. Both of them. I guess because Adam had a book day today and he had to listen to seniors reading a few books to him.

In the conjunction of the book day, kids in his school had to dress up their favorite and fantasy character and bring along the book.

We have this Buzz costume for a while and never get a chance to wear it although, I often make one for him.

After lunch we experimented with
lemon and lime as conductor to make the clock works. Right after that he becomes grumpy and had his nap which he usually doesn't.

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Adam's show and tell - Lego

We had been pretend playing show and tell in the classroom whole evening. He started with one of cowgirl Lego figurine.

This is one of Adam's topic about Lego that he made.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Sophie's answer

Scene 1,
We were in the hotel for one night get away.
I was telling Adam that he is so lucky for being able to stay in beach hotel during weekend.

"Adam, you are a lucky boy, can go to beach hotel as we live in Penang.
Not many of your friend get this kind of luxury"

Adam silent...

"My friend Elena go to hotel", Sophie interrupted us.

J and I looked at each other....

Indeed, I shouldn't be saying this, because we bumped into his classmate during breakfast. Lesson learn mummy!

Scene 2
We were in the hotel still, Adam wanted to play bubble gun, but was raining outside and the balcony floor was slippery, so we didn't allow him.

I talked to J, " babe we need to find something for them to do"

Sophie interrupted, "OK, I pick my nose, something to do"


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Mother's Day and Father's Day present

J and I always have our kidless weekly dating during lunch on Wednesday. We called it wednes-date. That's the when our kids are in music school, so we don't have to worry about their lunch and picking up from school earlier. But this week, we have a bonus dating day :-). It is public holiday in Penang but kid's schools are open.

So, apa lagi... :-)

We went to Gurney Plaza, and wondered around. We wanted to look for each other Mother's and Father's Day present. But then, we just decided to get ourselves Kinect XBox as a sharing present. At least with Kinect we are kind of exercise :-p
After installation, it is then get concurred by our little boy and surprisingly he is good at it. I got myself a few exercise games, and Zumba is what I am looking forward. I will try to write review once I try it out.

Adam is playing by himself

J and Adam....
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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Stop the violence

Today, J, kids and I were witnessing a violence incident of this general election.

I felt to stand up and say something onto their faces (I wish I carried a gun). This is the moment that I ashamed to be Malay.

I don't care what do you want to vote when you do something to people in my "kampung" where my kids were born and are raised, I will be very angry.

No matter what you vote, please be peaceful and harmony.

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The voting day

This is my second time going for voting, the first one after graduated I was in oversea for working so I didn't get a chance.
I woke up leaving my hubby to look after my kids.

The queue was quite long by the time I arrived 45 minutes ago. Now nearly half was gone, and the queue behind me has been tripled since.

It is reported more younger people are going out to vote this time, mainly who want to vote for a change. UBAH!

What ever your choice to change or not to change, please come to vote in peace and harmony.

J sent this photo while I am in queue.

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