Saturday, June 29, 2013

Toilet training

How do you encourage your kids to go for toilet. We used sticker chart. Sophie loves it and has been doing her wee very well. The poo part hopefully to come soon.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Periuk besi

I found something I really love recently. J has oval shape cast iron pot that he had from his mum, which I had never used since last year when I used it for roasting chicken in the oven it turned out super delicious.
So last Christmas, I got cast iron pot and pan from J. It is made by La Gourmet. It is not expensive during that time because of discount. May be a bit expensive, but I figure out nowadays, if you want to buy things, buy something that last longer... Or something that you can become vintage like Chanel handbag...hahaha (I don't own one) . Since then, this is my collection. One le creuset, and some other no brand. Sometimes, if you are lucky you might find in the second hand shop. Lodge will be one the famous cast iron make that I am going to look for next.
In my Japanese tea class, my Sensei books water in cast iron kettle. With the good care cast iron should last forever. It takes a while to like cast iron. It requires good season process which took me a while to do. It sounds hard, but trust me if you like cooking you will enjoy cooking in cast iron.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Toilet paper story

Since ever Adam toilet-trained we feel that our toilet supply runs out quickly. He pulls the toilet paper, perhaps more than a foot long and will use lots of toilet paper, when cleaning up.

But with Sophie, we noticed about her when she cleans up she will just pull a few, tear the toilet paper then use, when she needs more she will take a little bit more.

Does it mean, female economical instincts starts as early as 3 years old?

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adam's school assembly

 I woke up to write my paper journal (yes, I have to write thesis and journalsss) but after a while it got bored. OK, this event was last month, which I didn't get a chance to blog until today. So here are some of Adam photos from the school assembly performance. He and his friend performed on the stage to show to the parents. Adam is quite shy boy as we know but we are quite impressed that he is kind of overcoming his shyness recently. So here is my boy...Some of funny faces that we managed to catch.

He is performing solo in this photo.

I remember when I was in primary school I always one of the tallest girl at school.
Adam is quite shorty compare to the girl who is younger than him. J is 6 foot plus, so just a matter of time he is going to be taller than me one day :-) Oh my boy.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Science Day at school

It is science day at Adam's school. As usual he will have to dress up to school. I have been scratching head what to do with the costume. We don't have lab coat at home. I assumed many students will dress as scientist. I wanted to make astronaut but I am running out of time. I am thinking of something quick and the materials are handy at home.

At last, I made scrubs so be can dress as surgeon.

This is one of the easiest sewing project which finished very quickly. I think I took 3 hours to sew but longer hours to find inspiration.

After school, we continued with the science project and this time we cut out some papers and put together as part of inside humans body. Just wanted to give him some ideas about the surgeon.

I just taught him, the big organ for now, perhaps one day I can make the felt of human body with velcro and my kids can play with it.

He can pronounce most of the organ except esophagus :-)
At the same time I explained to him how is human breathing, how is food coming from my mouth and flowing into stomach and what is the final product (poo)

Can you tell I have so much fun doing this kind of things :)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Adam is learning about private and treasure recently. He needs to dress up in pirates costume. I thought this time I want to give a try making the costume for him.

I made the vest, trousers, eye patch, bandana from material that I have at home.

I made the ear ring using aluminum foil and loop with rubber band.
The bandana, I made from triangle red cloth that I sew together with an elastic band, so it is easy for him to wear.

I used the eye lets to make a closure for the vestand lacing with gold bias that I sew fold it.
The sword is the foam sword that is broken and I nearly threw away. I wrapped with duct tape and lastly, Adam is dressing with his black Wellington boots.

It was fun!!!

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Boys only

Adam goes to school by bus. It is easy for us but we get less interaction with his teacher. I am making a routine to visit the school occasionally so I can to talk to his teacher how is his progress.

Last week I went to see his teacher. Adam social skill is getting better, but he only plays with boys. Hmmm...

Yesterday, we bumped into his classmate, a girl. He tried to hide away from her. Hmmm...

I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing. Hopefully he is going to mix better with his classmates no matter boys or girls.

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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Squad toilet

Today, when we were in the swimming pool toilet. Sophie saw the squad toilet.
She asked me, "Is that for washing baby?"

Of course I explained to them what is it for.
Adam then asked me, "How?"

Next time, I think I need to demonstrate to my kids how to poo in squad toilet...

This is not my first time story about squad toilet.

I drove from Penang to KL with two of my colleagues from US.
We stopped by at small stop of PLUS highway. They went into the toilet and then came out again and asked me. I didn't see the toilet. There was a hole on the floor. How do I do?

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Adam's Agenda

Adam, "Mum, after swimming can we go to Mc Donald?"
Me, "uh uh" . As I promised if he did well in swimming today.
Sophie, "I don't want Mc Donald, I want chicken rice"
Adam, " Yeah, then we can go to Gurney Plaza, get chicken rice and then go to Toy's R Us."
Me, "Errrrr no! No!" (Pandai pandai plan sendiri)

Friday, June 07, 2013

2 Movies

I seldom watch TV when my husband is not around. Definitely I either study, sew, craft or on treadmill. But, last 2 nights I was having flu. I had been busy with kids during day time. So once kids were on the bed I took shower and just lied down till sleeping.
J set up our house pretty much entertainment friendly in every room. We have been watching many TV shows together. Because he is not around so I had to wait until he is coming home for the current show which we are watching. Revolution.

So to kill time until sleeping, I browsed Netflix. I watched two movies for the past two nights. The old ones :-) Mission Impossible and Rebound. They were ok. I like comedy, so Rebound is my favourite among two. So let see tonight, that I am still not 100% recover.

What should I watch?

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Making rainbow from mist

It was bright and shiny day today. It had been a few days like this. We put up the sprinkler so the grass behind our house won't be so dry. Rainbow appeared from the sprinkler mist as the sunlight was so strong today.

My kids were amazed with this. :-)

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Die and poo

Sophie is one stubborn girl who doesn't want to go toilet although we know she can go.
Today when changing her nappy.
Me: Soph, you are a big girl now and need to go to toilet to poo.
Sophie: Is it because you are going to die?
Me : (what is it got to do with me die and her poo)
Adam added: No one is going to help you cleaning your poo.
Sophie: Is Adam going to die too?
Adam: No! I am not going to clean your poo!
Hahahaha my kids are growing up now that they can have such conversation.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Early night

It is 7:35 pm now. Both kids are on the bed although they are not so sleepy. We didn't play outside today because it was too hot. I must say that as kids are getting older they are less physical dependent on us. But the challenges are in other ways.
Their behavior, the way they talk the way they react to something.

What ever it is I am enjoying it.

Anyway, with the recent child bride issue, my friend is recruiting volunteers to be part of helping GIRLS especially in rural area. So far just three of us.
If you are interested please visit her Facebook page.

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Monday, June 03, 2013

Never too much lego

When being a mom of more than one child I realize that kids are unique.

One thing about Adam he is a shy boy. Seriously shy, he won't socialize with others or talk so much to other people especially to strangers.

One thing I know, he loves to make things. Either art work, paper and his favorite one is Lego. I blogged about how did we get second hand Lego from eBay.

He loves lego, after school he changed clothes and while waiting for me prepare lunch or waiting for anything, he can just sit down and build something from Lego. Most of his creations are vehicles. Then, he will play with it. Talk about it as he plays.

We still get him a new lego too as his treat or present. We found a shop in Prangin Mall Penang that sells 30% cheaper than toy's r us. Original unit of Lego. I should think same price if buying from US. The shop has plenty of collection that even Toy R Us doesn't sell.

He is into Lego City although I know one day it is going to expand.

He learns how to follow instructions from books, he learns about 3D perspective and best of all being innovative.

Guess what, all of us get to play first. Even J and I sometimes play with it. Next, I want to learn that Lego mindstorm as the beginner to robotic. :-) See I am still learning too!

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Golden Child

Last week Adam hasn't been well. He had fever and stomach ache. Despite being ill he was awarded as Golden Child of the week.

I didn't know until I picked him up from Music class. He is learning piano encore junior stage and can play two, three songs with the piano.

Proud of him.

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Away J

J is away again for 10 days. It meant to be 3 weeks to 3 countries. But the US trip got cancelled. So kind of relief.Kids were looking sad when I put them to be a while ago. Sophie asked, "why daddy don't say good night to me?"

It is tough, emotionally for my kids when having frequent traveller father. We are close to each other. We don't have nearby relatives. So what ever we do, we do together. There is no such privilege leaving kids to granny or relatives. But we get through it. We get things done either when they are at school or we will bring them. To market, to post office, shopping everywhere we do together.

So when one of us is away... We really feel the missing. Good thing, there is something to look forward.