Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maths for 5

Adam will turn five in October. He suppose to learn about number up to one hundred when at age five to seven. I am preparing him so he won't be surprised with the new lesson. So far he can count up to 20, some 20++, and 30++. Some how after 29, he will say twenty ten. Same goes to thirty nine, he will say thirty ten.
So to make him understand the sequence of number, I asked him writing it on construction card that he can reuse as reference.

I explained to him that the following number after nine, contains zero in it.I don't want him just to recite numbers, I want him to understand the concept of sequences are as such. Hopefully he will remember it, when I ask him again next time.

So far he has written up to forty. We shall continue soon to hundred.

Happy hat from cereal box

We do paper craft a lot of the times. My kids love doing this sort of projects. We made this a while ago, while waiting for daddy to finish work as we were planning to visit Uncle Chan. The original idea was to make a mask with curly hair from paper bag but  since we don't have one, we use cereal box instead.

I allowed my kids to decorate as they like. I used ruler to make the construction paper curled up.

This is Sophie's. With a lot of help from me.

This is Adam's. He drew snail and many other things on it.

I don't have anything fix when craft work with my kids. They can use their imagination to draw and paint anything.

Make it and play it

So, I have been busy with kids of course. Just want to update what we made last Monday.We made a washing machine and a dryer from recycle boxes that we have at home. It wasn't that difficult and I got this idea from Pinterest. We made the simpler version.
First, what we need to do is to rebuild the box, by turning inside out. By doing this, we can decorate what ever we want. Have a lot of tapes, glue, marker, construction paper handy at home. They are useful to make kids craft.
I help to cut out the hole and most of the decoration was done by Adam.

I let Adam to draw circles, cut the paper and write word on the paper.
He went into laundry room to check out what should he write. Since this is the simpler version and to make things easier, I gave suggestion to write simple word.

ON - WASH - SPIN - OFF for washing machine
ON - DRY - OFF for dryer

Explain to him what washing machine can do beside wash, what is the spin button for.

I allowed him to decorate the box as he likes.

He wanted to put digital display on the box.

Then, play with it. His sister gets to join too.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kid's memory is superb

Last week, when we passed by Kelawei Road we bumped into a Range Rover and the plate number is similar to J's car plate number.

Today, we bumped into another Range Rover and I told about it to Adam while driving. He asked me is the Range Rover plate number is ....( the same number of Range Rover that we saw last week)

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to be busy

Haaa...I have been busy. School work, being a parent, craft work and much more...Enjoying every moment... Selamat berpuasa...I haven't done any preparation for this raya. Just bought some casual clothes for kids but not their baju melayu and kurung yet. What colour should we do this year?

Anyway, last week was Adam last day in Nursery. He is going to attend reception in September. How time flies.

How I occupied by time these day...

Adam in his crazy outfit to school.

Me and other mums made scrap book for teachers...

At Adam's class. Last day of school

If you are following me on Instagram, you must have seen this...

I made this.... haaa... super malas pasta


To become this...

And this to be sold at Adam's school...

And made this for my kids to play outside...

Who said being housewife is easy???

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Last tea lesson

I have been busy. Student life, being a mum and helping things for Adam's school. But I am enjoying every moment. Of course with the support of J.

One of the mummy in Adam's school has same interest as me, so we work a lot of things together. How fun is it.

Today is my last day of tea lesson with my tea sensei. I have improved a lot since the day one I learn. I can do "seiza" for longer hours. Today we had 3 hours seiza. I admire what are they doing.

Hopefully one of the other lady will continue her work and become a teacher to us. Anyway, I am the only non-Japanese in the group. That made me realize I speak more Japanese than Malay nowadays.

This is our lunch today. My sensei cooked for us.

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