Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pebbles painting

I sometimes lack of idea what to do with my kids. I don't want my kids to watch TV or play with gadget all the time, so it is important for me to find their daily activity that they can enjoy. So far my kids understand and obey this rule on school day they can only watch TV from 4pm to 5pm. This include playing with IPad.
I did this pebbles painting a few weeks before raya. Pebbles came from our flower pots and vases at home.

They painted anything that came into their mind. Adam painted caterpillars.

Then some lady bugs

I painted snail.

The same day, we did experiment of vinegar and baking soda. I didn't get much pictures of the process, we will try again and next time, will write more about it.

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Adam is 4 years 11 months

There are a lot of things to talk about Adam from the negative to the positive. Just like any boy he can be naughty and can be angle. Academically, we don't think he has a problem. He started to read, and can write every letter capital and small, spell certain word if we ask him too. He can do simple math addition, below 10. Can remember songs, any kind that he has learnt including fatihah. I think kid at this age can remember anything you give to them.

His relationship with Sophie, most of the time he can play well with her, look after her, but he can be very little "mustard" too. So it is normal when come sibling rivalry.

He loves playing electronics games as much as he loves playing out door. So far, out door goes number one among things that he loves to do.

One thing, which we think is a big problem is his social skill. It happened only when we are around him. So we always wonder what is wrong? When he is around us, like going to other kids birthday party he wouldn't want to join the activity.
He wouldn't want to play with other kids when we are around. I think so far he plays well with 2 kids only while we are around. A girl and a boy.

But we heard the opposite from his teacher, from other friends who saw him while we are not around him. He is one independent boy that is what my friends told me.
He goes to school by bus everyday, I wonder if he actually makes any friends. My neighbour said their girls sat with Adam in the bus.

Every time he gets off the bus, his friends will wave at him and say bye Adam, and he just ignored them. I wonder it is because I am around him. So sometimes we feel that he is much more baby than Adam when come to socializing with other people while we are around.

Okay, back to positive thing. He loves building and making things, Legos, cooking, crafting and anything involve making things he will enjoy it so much.He loves cleaning, and understands he will get pay if he clean the house. He can operate washing machine. He can clear his own plate and put into dishwasher. He can operate vacuum cleaner and uses damp cloth as wipe and mop. Kind of useful :-)
That's all about him. I just have to write about him today before I forget till next month.

Soph at 35 months

Soph is going to be three next month. How time flies. I haven't prepared anything for their birthday, but I guess this time I am going to leave to J in charge her birthday cake, since he is into fondant :-)
Anyway, how is Sophie progressing so far. She has been talking a lot since she was two. With proper conversation. She loves story telling. So every night when I put her to bed she insisted to tell a story. He story involves, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, 3 little piggies, Dora and what ever she have learnt. Full of imagination and chatty which is opposite to Adam.
Anyway, she hasn't recognized all letters yet, and her skill in holding pen isn't as good as Adam at the same age.
But today she showed determination to me. She wanted to do dot to dot connection.

And while I was teaching Adam addition using abacus, she wrote by followed each of this letters by using marker over and over again.

She is fully toilet train for now, and has been dried at night. She does wiping and cleaning by herself.
She has a little bit of laziness to put toys away after she plays. So what I did is just passing her box so she can dump all her toys in one box. Unlike Adam, is very particular in organizing.

She goes to half day day care where she learns and play. So I hope I can spend one on one time with her after she back and before Adam reached home. That way, I can help her and spend more time with her where she gets full attention from me.

Anyway, I don't intent to push my kids to be far ahead than everyone else. But, doing this kind of thing will keep them away from screen, at least you know how are they progressing and help them to overcome their weaknesses.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Making new friends

Since Adam school, I made many new friends. I find it is easy to talk to someone when you have a on topic. So as parents we talk about our kids. I learn a lot from other parents too.

I met new friends who has same interest as me, craft. I have friends who also love sewing so we share projects to each other. I met parents who is in IT field so we talked about a common thing too. That's what I think for you to make good friends, you must have same interest.

One thing I don't like friend who like to take granted of other people. But it is how we overcome it.

I make friends with my neighbors.
Neighbors who has common thing to talk about. Mostly about kids, but I also have many friends who don't have kids. So talk about other thing. Because they may have a reason why don't they have kids.

I don't feel I am busy body, but I know I am friendly. There goes the proverb, "berkawan biar seribu"

So that's my Friday rambling...

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

His and hers

How often do you change perfume? Today while organising my bedroom I realise that I haven't changed for nearly 10 years!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Drama queen

When having more than a kid we tend to compare each other character.

Sophie, huh... The "hati batu" although she was the most discipline one when come to routine, but she is just stubborn as we don't know who that she follows.

She is bossy, drama queen, jealousy and so many when you describe not so nice lady. Like my husband always say she can be a B. 1. T. C. H.

May be it was our fault too, we didn't spank her much , even we spank her it was more like playful not hard enough.

So last night I hope she learnt her lesson. We didn't give in to her this time. We have this rule, if they don't finish their meal in the plate during dinner they won't get dessert. We often didn't mind about her. This time Adam deserved for being good boy.

Of course she was in denying and couldn't accept the fact that we let Adam had dessert in front of her, while she didn't.

Had her tantrum!

Hope she learnt last night lesson. Or she will forget about it.

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