Monday, October 28, 2013

Free event for kids

Finding things to do with kids to keep them away from screen is not that hard work, if we are aware of so many free events nearby our house. I love it when it is free. Sometimes just watching something that doesn't happen in our daily can be fun.

Last merdeka, a mall nearby my housing area hosted merdeka events. In fact they do event nearly every week. One of the merdeka event is marching band.

J was around so after settling their dinner marching we sat down on the stairs waited for the marching band to pass by. It was a bit loud at the beginning, but after a while they got used to the loud music instrument.
I always try to explain to my kids what are they doing, just to help them with new exposure and at the same time increase their vocabulary.

Lantern festival. We have lantern festival every year as I remember living in this area.

We took picture with lantern decorated tree. Indeed, we made some lantern but I didn't snap any pictures.

Halloween trick or treat. Adam has been learning all sort of culture in his school. Halloween is one of them. They have been making crafts and arts work at school. They celebration continues nearby our house when the marina mall organized halloween trick or treat. Kids can wear costume to join the events.

Sophie wanted to be a fairy.

We bought a few scary costumes, but just mismatch and one is way too big so Adam decided to be a doctor. 45 shops from the mall participated.

They just excited to get candies and sweets. So these are their collection from about 15 shops they went by. After all they are free.
The most important thing they had fun.


I have posted some of this pictures in the Facebook, but having it in blogger kind of writing a journal that will allow my kids to read in the future.

My new neighbour rang our door and gave us all these toys and books. They have two grown up girls, so they thought Sophie may like it. Indeed she is. Her favorite is the raccoon.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Busy October

Every year, in October is busy month for me. First, because of my kids birthday. They are only 4 days apart. Second, my kids friends seem fall around the same time.
So, my plan often starts from the beginning of month.

This year, we are having something small. That's what Adam want, just at home and celebrate at school.
In fact he is not into this big bash party yet.

On the other hand, Sophie likes it. So we will wait next year to make that kind of party.

Party at home

Cakes from sunflower bakery.

We watched 3D movies at home

Adam on his actual day of birthday.

Lego cake for his school

Because Sophie is dairy allergy I had to make this cake.

Their cakes at school.

Celebration at school.

Ok I will relax for a bit for now...,

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Human body

Last few night I made roast chicken for us. As we carving the chicken, Adam took table knife and looked for chicken heart.

We both surprised with his curiosity. Yes, Adam has shown interest towards science a few months especially on human body.
He loves to see heart, and always ask me about blood, and how blood flow into heart.

We have a few book ourselves and we even borrowed some books from local library to let him learn.

Recently my friend introduced to me an iPad app, Human Body by Tinybop. It shows high level of human body and suitable for kids.
I love the interactive version, for example when a person eats something, how it digests in the stomach, and much more.The only thing I wish this app has is the pronunciation function for each word.

While J in US, we ordered a few Leap frog books of human body.

This is great book, which we can carry around. I lovey kids use this kind of learning method which is book, rather than screen.

Best part Sophie can always inherit this kind of learning/toy. What I love about this, it tells us how to pronounce the word.

Hopefully this interest is consistent to be his favorite thing.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

What is love

At dinner table yesterday. I asked our kids what do they think about love.

Sophie: Love is I LOVE U!
Adam: Love is when you love someone, and I love M--i.
J and I: (Shocked) Who is M--i?

.... To be continued

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time with kids

Every night before sleeping I try to spend time having a chat with Adam. This is the quietest moment and he usually tells me what he did he at school. What he learns, if he did something good or bad.

When he wants to tell a bad story he will start, " Mum, I want to tell you something..." It can be either about him or his friends at school.

I find this is the most relaxing time for Adam to be open. Instead of asking Adam, right after school, where he usually looks do tired... Everyday he goes to school froM 7:20am and only be home at 3pm, I am trying my best, as much as I can spending time with him... Oh kids grow up so quickly.

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Going green

Composting bay in our neighborhood.

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One of scary moment

We were about to go out for dinner and saw a lot of hair on the floor all over the entrance way.

It was Sophie's hair, by looking at colour and texture..
We checked her head and pulled her hair between our fingers. Her hair kept falling from her braid.


In our mind (is this some kind of poison, radiation or chemo...)

Being paranoid, when we were about to google, "kids hair drop"


"I cut Sophie's hair"




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