Thursday, November 28, 2013

Play dress

I don't know about many others, but my kids really love to play dress. They love to pretend to be any character. Police, pirate, fireman, princess, surgeon, doctor, fairy etc. I made most of those costume for them.

I want to create an area where they can change the dress whenever they want. Their playroom is kind of cramp now. Will plan something sooner.

This is my latest addition of their costume. I found the girls school shirt and thought Sophie can have it as her doctor costume since she loves Doc McStuffin.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Goldilocks and three bears

We always read book/books to our kids before they off to bed. Sometimes I will tell story. Recently, Adam's favorite is Hansel and Gretel and Soph's favorite is Goldilocks and three bears.

But last three nights, I thought why not play while telling the story to them. Getting their imagination going. Just simple props:

3 different size of bears. (We got free bears for buying so much Ezzera cream)

3 different size of chairs, or you can cut out 3 circles papers.

3 beds, or you can cut out 3 different of rectangle paper.

1 girl dolly, blonde if you have.

Adam was a narrator at the beginning but he get confused with the sequence of the story, so I helped him out.

My kids have been reading the Usbourne version of the story, so that what we followed.

We emphasized about the usage of adjective, comparative and superlative.

Biggest, smallest, smaller etc. Since it is Sophie's favorite story she can remember every word that Goldilocks said such as "too hot", "too cold", etc.

So before they went to bed, they put those bears to sleep. :-)

Play like this will keep their mind going, all sort of imagination which I want them to do rather than giving them i-Device.

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Soph' sketch of human

This is the most close of human sketch by Soph recently. She asked pen and paper, and only realized she made this, when I wanted to clean up her after mess.

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Early Learning to our kids

My kids didn't/doesn't go to other early learning school where other foreigners (Ang moh) send their kids too.

At the very young age we want them to play. We paid RM280 for from 9am to 1:30am that include lunch. You know what to expect when you pay that much.

So when Adam joined his current school, and we said Adam from this school not that school, many parents make curious face. We are ok with that.

How is Adam progressively so far. He is doing well, he improves a lot. Early term when he was in nursery we discussed what is Adam weakness. Not so much about academic but his social skill. He overcomes his shyness in a good way. Most of all, as his teacher described him as soft hearted person and care for others.

As parent I can't tolerate if my kids are rude and rough. I want him to be humble but at the same time an intelligent person. "Diam diam ubi berisi". Especially that he is a boy, being nice, polite, responsible and friendly are important.

I always make them think before they speak, or do something. I know it may be simple thing for some people but it is important to me to raise considerate and responsible human being :-)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Adam was playing with left over styrofoam. He broke it into pieces and threw everywhere on the floor.

I was mad at him for making so much mess.

He cried. (Of course!)

When I vacuumed the mess and stumbled on those scattered pieces of styrofoam on the floor, something triggered in my mind.

"Oh my... What have I done!"

Then, I asked Adam, "What did you try to make Sayang?"


Oh dear...Felt so guilty.

Hugged him and said sorry!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Proud moment!

Adam received 50 sunshine award yesterday with some rest of his other friends.

Good job Adam!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

What we did while J is away

This is the third week J is away. We all can't wait to see him home. Kids especially, when I got angry at them, they will cry and said I want to talk daddy on the phone. hahaha!
Sometimes, they say to me, "I am not nice"...
Guess what is my answer.
"Wait until you get a step mother" Hahahhaha!
Since ever I told them about Hensel and Gretel story they know what is evil step mother.
They will apologise to me if they realise that they hurt my feeling.
Especially Adam, I guess he is sensitive about other people feeling. Like what his teacher said, he cares for others.

So while J is away, we watched Gruffalo theater, I didn't have a picture of this.
We went to Adam's school disco event, had sushi, pizza and candy floss.

We still eat outside, thank god, my kids chose Sushi over Mc D.

We had our evening walk in Strait Quay, and this morning we had scooter.

Sophie said that christmas tree this year is like octopus. And Adam persuaded me to put up christmas tree at home. So early, people is still in depavali mood, that is my excuse.

I put up this fort for them, so they didn't disturb me, but they still did :-)

Kids made fort using pillow, creative aren't they. This is what I proud of them, they can improvise anything at home for their own entertainment. That gave me my own sweet time.

We had paddling pool and water gun, and my creative neighbour built the goalpost using plastic pipes, so my kids get to play when their kids don't. Hehehe...

I taught Adam sewing for the first time ever.

So, is parenting fun? :-p

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Sophie and writing

At home I am trying to do none-school activity, which mean things that school may not teach. But occasionally, I am checking how is my kids progress. So Sophie can start follow ABC just, connecting dot to dot. A little progress I thought.
I can't remember when did Adam's start writing, but he could write most of letters before he join his current school.

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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Think about beach

Last month we were in Langkawi. So, I thought this time, we used things that we gathered along the beach to make something out of it. I have a few ideas which I think I am going to hold it first. Start with simple thing, I suggested to them to put together things that they think about beach. 

So I prepared, sticks which I collected from dead plants nearby our house, some construction papers, which I tear and cut then put together as collage. Adam collected a lot of shells when we were in Langkawi.

I don't really like child friendly glue, because it is never stick properly. I use this PVC, wood, cloth glue that I know we have been using since I was at school.

Although it is a bit messy but the sticks are still sticking on the paper until today.



IMG_5982 IMG_5984

And lastly I made this water color painting which I painted and at the same time talked to my kids what did they remember about the resort in Langkawi.

Cowboy Style party

I have been wanting to blog about it, but just didn't get a chance as I have put it in draft mode.
It wasn't quite KL but every time we are in Klang Valley we will just say KL. My sis organized birthday party at Denai Alam Recreation and Riding Club for my 8th years old nephew. The theme of course was cowboy.

It was fun and interesting. Kids got to ride the pony and horse too.
I found cheap cowboy head on Campbell Street Penang. In fact the shop sells any kind of hat. So this is Adam in his Cowboy outfit.

And the birthday boy in the outfit.

My sis and her family. Adam was trying to do cowboy action with his fake gun.

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

The day care issue

 It is working parents dilemma when thinking about kids' care. Recently there are many cases about day care issue. One after another. I wonder what are the criteria of parents to look at when choosing day care. To be honest, when I has Adam we didn't have much option. Majority of my friends send their kids to baby sitter.

 Because we don't know any of baby sitter, we had to find day care that has good facility.We drove nearby surrounding our house area and found a daycare that we never thought we will stay with them until today.

 We are just lucky. They have 5 permanent helpers, and a few part time helper who works half day, so at least 7 helper who are working at a time. Just co-incident the helper can drive the kids, even pick up from home or from school to day care. Indeed it helped kids to do homework in the afternoon. There are many kindy that follows certain method of learning. I paid RM280 for Soph's half day, and for those who wants to go for full day is from RM450, depending on the age of the kids.
  Since our kids are going to other school when they are nearly 4 years old, what else you need for them, play, eat, play and learn a little bit and there. My advise to many parents, when choosing day care, or kindy, listen to other parents too. Visit the day care first, and follow your instinct.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Since Adam turned 5, he wouldn't sleep so early if I put at 7:30pm, so I allow him to play for a bit in his room and called me when he is ready. So that is the time when he has my full attention, we talked everything from what he did at school to what he wanted to know that night.

So tonight was about planet. He tried to make himself remember the planets in solar system, which are the nearest planet to the sun, biggest planet and smallest planet. He has this planet book that he is sleeping with it tonight. Guess what, I learnt it too :-).

Shall find activity that related to planet, which he will enjoy.

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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Love cont...

I am not sure if it is too early to talk about "love" (romantic) with our kids. But Adam will talk with me anything. I feel grateful, that I have very good bonding with and he is willing to discuss anything with me.

So my last post about love, when Adam said that he thinks love is when you like someone, and he said he loves M**i.

This is a girl who lives two rows from our house and goes to school by bus, same as Adam. She will sit next to Adam everyday. So I don't think that is the romantic kind of love Adam was talking about. I guess a female friend who he is comfortable with.

We asked him if he talked anything with her. He said they talked about squirrel :-)

Oh my Adam.

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Swimming Saturday

J is away for three week again. I sometimes lost track where he is, but thank goodness with the calendar sharing.

But our usual routine has to be followed our as usual. Adam is at swimming pool with his swimming teacher, under the shades.

Hot day today!

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Sophie's coloring is improving. She used to color all over. But nowadays she colours within the line.

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Friday, November 01, 2013

The day she turned 3

Sophie loves anything girly, including the thought of she can where BRA one day. I always tell her that she have to wait until hers are big.

The morning she turned 3 she told us, "I feel my my teaty (breast) is growing"

Not yet Soph!

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