Friday, November 28, 2014

Modern parenting?

What do I do with my kids? As I am a busy mum, the most I can do read to them. Well, if J is around he does it. 
Acedemically, I don't teach my kids so much. I expect they learn from school. I will make sure they finish their homework. But I don't help them how to do it. Homework meant to be revision, and if Adam made mistake, I let it be. Let his teacher correct it and he learnt from his mistake.

One thing, I want to teach my kids that I know school won't teach in depth. Cooking, sewing, building small house or all these domestics stuff.

So does it mean I am doing modern parenting, no. I am teaching what my mum taught me and it continues...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another award

Picture is blurred, but I must update this :-) Proud mummy! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Washing machine

After 8 years of using this washing machine, it is finally gone. I don't bother to wait for another week to get it checked. Instead just bought super cheap front loading... Oh we are here another 2 months and this is happened. And we have bought another machine for our new house. 

What should I do with this later? Anyone would like to buy in December? I will sell cheap...

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Priority and important

Once, someone told me that when everything are important, you tense to get stressed to complete your task. 

Take a deep breath, list down your priority, tackle it one at a time. 

Insya Allah, everything will go smoothly. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Three weeks in a row

This past three weeks, Adam has been received award every week. 

His school has this award/recognition day on every Wednesday. 
He got for PE, for the "golden" time and recent one for having neat handwriting during spelling test. 

Good job boy. Keep it up! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Star pupil

Something to blog about. Adam received award this week. Good job boy.
He will have to wear the badge for a week. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Neglecting this blog?

No no, I  am just being busy. I have a few unfinished post that I wanted to post, and when I looked at my draft, I have forgotten what it was all about. 

I am a working now and will continue working for the same project even when I am moving down to KL. Al hamdulillah.

I had my recent birthday celebration with family at home. Nothing big. We did a lot of things too, but haven't get a chance to blog about it. If you are my Facebook friends, you should know that I have this adventurous project with kids to visit  tourist area in Penang. 

Really looking forward to move to CBJ. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

What is up ?

Haa! It has been a while I am writing to this blog. J is on business trip for 2 weeks. Ok 2 weeks... Not that long but it is quite regular and I don't complain.

So what is up with me now? There are tonnes of things going on with me and family. With the job, family life and frequently travelling husband, Alhamdulillah I manage. I am glad that I had that luxury of three years to develop a good routine to my kids. I am glad they understand why do I have to work.

I didn't tell them that I work because of money. I told them, I have a role in this world. We as a human has to contribute to a good course. Adam started using desktop at his school and he noticed all of the computer has the word 1ntel in it. So I explained to him what I do at work.

We hopefully to get our new house key in these two weeks. Kids' school is sorted for Sophie and for Adam he just need to know which year group he needs to join. If you are my Facebook friends you probably know a lot about my personal thing that are going on. Our adventure tour in Penang, I made Adam's costume and my crazy photo and Adam's school. Such fun thing, despite my hectic schedule :-)

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Earth is sphere

Adam always asks us these challenging scientific questions.

Yesterday on highway

Adam: Dad, earth is sphere right?
J: Yes
Adam: Why this road isn't curve.
J: Because it is too big that you can only see it is flat and straight.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bro and Sis talk

I saw Adam long smiled when he listened to Soph's answered his questions.

I wondered what was in his mind. They play well. Loving this time.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

8 legs

Sophie loves to "menyampuk" whenever I asked Adam.
The second child syndrome is what we can describe her. Competitive, independence and should I say smart??? Hahahaha
J and I are second child too. So we totally agree with her character.

Adam on the other hand, always take time when giving answer. The perfectionist? He is careful. He wants his answer always right. But sometimes, he "tembak" too.

One day,

Me, "how many legs does an octopus have?"

Adam, "8"

Me, "do you know other animal that have 8 legs?"

Me, I gave him a clue, "it is not an insect".

We read about insect recently when Adam borrowed the book from library.

Adam, "errrr"
Thinking and he has this habit to touch his hair. Long story to talk about his bad habit.

Out of sudden Sophie, "SPIDER!!!"

J and I looked at each other speechless.

Adam, "I don't like Sophie, because she knows everything"

J and I giggled.
Sophie surely grinned.

This was an example of occasion. There are too many, nothing bad and good about it. They are siblings and it is normal for them to compete. :-)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This morning, woke up my children.

Adam, "Are you working today?"
Me, "Yes, sayang"
Adam, "Is it hard mum?"
Me, "Everyday is a new thing, so sometimes hard and sometimes easy."

Isn't he a lovely boy?

On the other hand, Sophie is a bit unhappy, because she doesn't have her and mummy time anymore.

But they sure will understand, as they grow older.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Back to work!

There are so many things going on with us at this moment.
We sold our house.
We bought a new house.
We are going to move end of this year.
Our kids are going to go into a new international school.
Our kids must pick up mandarin. So here is their afternoon gone.

And I got a job! My old job, but as a contractor. (Never complain! ;-)
So today is my first day at work, I had to attend an orientation and only left office at 6.
By the time I picked up my children from day care it was 6:45pm.

Guess what did Adam say, when he got into the car.
"MUM, why didn't you work longer so I can play longer!"

He learns mandarin everyday in the day care, so he is enjoying it.
Especially when he gets to learn a new character...
Don't you just love this boy, he is having fun learning!

Another thing..
My BIL in OZ just got married. My MIL is there with him and his wife, but she will drop by this sunday. Can't wait...and she will bring along my husband too who had to do Easter Fest.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Lai Lai will be coming

My MIL will be coming next week. I am cleaning up Sophie's room so she can sleep in there. We don't have dedicated guest room in this house.

This will keep my kids get busy while I am cleaning up.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

No wording at all!

Remember I asked Adam when borrowing book from library, make sure it has words so he can practice read. But, this week this it what he got.

100% picture. And he had borrowed this book last year. He said to me, "I didn't see my name there so I took it".

He surprised us in many ways. Bad and good. Oh boy!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cereal box again

Do you know how much we can do with cereal box. Today we make a little stage from cereal box, with puppets and a few props too.

I helped cutting out one side of the cereal box. Then, Adam started to draw and color in the box.

He made 3D grass and tree, and drew rainbow, mountain and river. I added sun and clouds. It is up to our imagination.

I made two props and letting him making the third one.

We used ice-cream stick and make a hole so the puppet can go up, down and side ways.

It is fun! We get to make it and play with it. You can also try other varieties like, printing out the puppets.

They even gave name to all those puppets. Bobo, pipi and Leni :-)

Adam with handmade paper puppets and stage.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Every occasion or festival, I will do my best to celebrate it either by little gathering or cooking something special or little party.

This year J is 43 years old :-). We are getting old, aren't we. Anyway my boy planned to have something for him.

So with my help, we started with making card. This is something that 5 years old can do, he made numbers and I helped to glued on paper, quite tricky for him to do by himself.

Paste on the card, and write any message inside.

Sophie also tried her best to write J's name on the card. I often write first for them, and my kids will copy.

We also decorated the party hat that we recycle every year :-p. Last birthday at this home.

I cooked something special for dinner.

And have layered cake with candles. My kids really love celebrating birthday. Happy birthday babe! You are an awesome husband and dad!

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Salah dan tak nak mengalah

Girl3: I saw a big television on the road just now, you know!

Boy5: Oh, it called smart board. And we have smart board in my class room.

Girl3: My classroom also has smart board. It called black board, you know!

I love to hear my kids conversation. They are amusing, and Sophie learns to speak proper and better English day after day. My neighbour who has teenagers said this is the best time to enjoy with kids, they will want to spend time with their teenager friends rather than us, so if your kids is clingy, shy and just want to be with you, treat this as your precious time.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


I encouraged my kids to read and read, instead of playing game iPad.

So I always ask Adam to find more words in the book when borrowing from school library.

But yesterday, he came back with this one.

I wonder if he wants to "mengelat" reading simple word only.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SAHM or Working Mum

It is 10:51pm, I just finished making "nasi goreng kaw kaw (beef)" for Adam lunch box tomorrow. It is our left over rice from dinner today. Everything is cleaned,  pots, pans and floor, and now it is time for me.

Recently, someone(many) shared a link of a letter to SAHM from working Mum, vice-versa. Some shared with sarcastic comments and some just encourage comment, agree and disagree. I have been in both situations, and I don't think there should be justification if someone wants to continue working or being a stay at home mum, as for me both letter coming from a common scenario of being a mum.

There is not much argument or article about stay at home father, Single mum/dad who is working to support family.

What ever we are doing, we want to do the best for our children and for our family.

Anyway since it is me time, I am going to browse what to get for myself :-D


One day, (while I was helping at Adam's school) his teacher told me a story of Adam at school as they were learning about family and their name

Teacher: What is your mother's name? 
Adam: .....MUMMY...
Teacher: No what I meant, what is your dad called your mummy?
Adam: ....BABE....

She just called me Adam's mum from that onwards. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Where we live

J just got a drone. This is a kind of picture he got recently.

Spot him!

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

CNY 2014

Chinese New Year is big celebration in Malaysia. Especially in Penang where majority are Chinese. Because of that we make a plan that every Chinese New Year we will be going out of Penang.

Anyway, for this year, we are making some of Chinese New Year craft, on top of what my kids have at their school.

We started with drawing Sakura.

And we also made our own Sakura tree, from dried branches, and soft tissue paper.

Adam made a CNY garland to decorate in his playroom.

And then hang on the wall and shelves.

We were in Cyberjaya during Chinese New Year, with one reason to get this :-) Alhamdulillah, we managed to lock price that we want.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dress up

How much Adam loves to dress up in costume. And Sophie too...

Police outfit to Chili's.

CNY costume to chicken rice


Rock and roll star.

Mask to airport

And many more....

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Adam can ride bike by himself

Adam hasn't been on his bicycle for quite a while. He doesn't have much interest on bike just like scooter.
But last week, I thought why not just take out the stabiles and let him ride without. He tried and after so many tries, he managed to ride by himself without my help.

His video is on you tube.
Adam's on the bike.

He has the phase what he likes to do, was with balance bike when he was three, scooter when he was four and I think this five years old is going to be bike.
We figured out one of the reason is the bike that he using is a bit heavy and a very strange frame when he is on the bike.

Anyway good job my boy for doing it yourself.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Melissa and Doug Stickers

Last Christmas my husband got this Melissa and Doug Stickers for Sophie. For what it does until today, it is worth buying.
My kids have been playing with it almost everyday.

It come with girls stickers that you can dress them as a fairy or a princess.

This is how my kids play with it. Instead of just sticking on sticker book, we played on mahjong white paper that I put on their table.

We drew anything we like on the paper and usually we draw a house/castle for the girls.

Adam often does the drawing.
This is one example that I drew for Sophie. It doesn't have to be a castle. It is your imagination how do you like your kids to play with you. I usually ask Sophie what does she like me to draw.

We drew market.

Butterfly house.

Fish house...

And my kids mix play with other toys too.

The dinosaurs and hello kitty can go to those princesses and fairies house.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Ballet

Angelina Ballerina is one of Sophie's favourite character. Ever since she turned 3, she always said she wanted to learn ballet. I wasn't sure if it is a right thing for her to do. But I always think it is not just about ballet, it is about new place, about making new friends and a new experience for her.

So after a few researches, I found a baby ballet class for young kids like Sophie. I was looking for a class that run on weekdays, and not so far away from home.  The class is in level 3 of Island Plaza, Penang, which is held every monday at 4 pm. How convenient. 

Today is her second time of attending the class, she loves it so much. 

Playing Alone

Everyday I pick up Sophie at 1:30pm and waiting for Adam to arrive home at 3pm. In between I get to spend time just her and mummy.

But she is quite independent, and I can leave her play alone.

The best part to hear her playing and giving name to all of those toys.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

We both have decided that every Christmas we are not going anywhere, so our kids understand something that to be at home, and they will come home when they left home for Christmas. Plus we don't have anybody to visit in Malaysia.

Going to England (J's parents) for four of us can be killing , especially it is holiday season.

Anyway, what we made last Christmas?

I baked ginger bread cookies for kids to decorate.

And I made our ginger bread house from scratch!!!

We had roast beef for eve.

And the rest of other dishes that go with roast beef, stir fried Brussels sprout, mashed potatoes, corn for Soph, cheat version of waitrose Yorkshire pudding , honey glazed carrot.

Kids couldn't wait to open up their presents.

And the whole day was about eating, and eating :-)

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dress up

I love it when my kids play dress up. Little time to myself.

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Lego Technic

Yesterday, Adam showed us one of the part that which is belong to Lego Technic. It was a head of a character.

But I had a doubt of that part is belong to Lego.

After inspection at the part I said to J, it doesn't have Lego wording on it. Must be some cheap part that mixed up.

Adam : Technic parts don't have Lego word on it

Me looked at J...: Errr

It is time to accept that your kid is smarter than you.

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