Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dress up

How much Adam loves to dress up in costume. And Sophie too...

Police outfit to Chili's.

CNY costume to chicken rice


Rock and roll star.

Mask to airport

And many more....

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Adam can ride bike by himself

Adam hasn't been on his bicycle for quite a while. He doesn't have much interest on bike just like scooter.
But last week, I thought why not just take out the stabiles and let him ride without. He tried and after so many tries, he managed to ride by himself without my help.

His video is on you tube.
Adam's on the bike.

He has the phase what he likes to do, was with balance bike when he was three, scooter when he was four and I think this five years old is going to be bike.
We figured out one of the reason is the bike that he using is a bit heavy and a very strange frame when he is on the bike.

Anyway good job my boy for doing it yourself.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Melissa and Doug Stickers

Last Christmas my husband got this Melissa and Doug Stickers for Sophie. For what it does until today, it is worth buying.
My kids have been playing with it almost everyday.

It come with girls stickers that you can dress them as a fairy or a princess.

This is how my kids play with it. Instead of just sticking on sticker book, we played on mahjong white paper that I put on their table.

We drew anything we like on the paper and usually we draw a house/castle for the girls.

Adam often does the drawing.
This is one example that I drew for Sophie. It doesn't have to be a castle. It is your imagination how do you like your kids to play with you. I usually ask Sophie what does she like me to draw.

We drew market.

Butterfly house.

Fish house...

And my kids mix play with other toys too.

The dinosaurs and hello kitty can go to those princesses and fairies house.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Ballet

Angelina Ballerina is one of Sophie's favourite character. Ever since she turned 3, she always said she wanted to learn ballet. I wasn't sure if it is a right thing for her to do. But I always think it is not just about ballet, it is about new place, about making new friends and a new experience for her.

So after a few researches, I found a baby ballet class for young kids like Sophie. I was looking for a class that run on weekdays, and not so far away from home.  The class is in level 3 of Island Plaza, Penang, which is held every monday at 4 pm. How convenient. 

Today is her second time of attending the class, she loves it so much. 

Playing Alone

Everyday I pick up Sophie at 1:30pm and waiting for Adam to arrive home at 3pm. In between I get to spend time just her and mummy.

But she is quite independent, and I can leave her play alone.

The best part to hear her playing and giving name to all of those toys.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

We both have decided that every Christmas we are not going anywhere, so our kids understand something that to be at home, and they will come home when they left home for Christmas. Plus we don't have anybody to visit in Malaysia.

Going to England (J's parents) for four of us can be killing , especially it is holiday season.

Anyway, what we made last Christmas?

I baked ginger bread cookies for kids to decorate.

And I made our ginger bread house from scratch!!!

We had roast beef for eve.

And the rest of other dishes that go with roast beef, stir fried Brussels sprout, mashed potatoes, corn for Soph, cheat version of waitrose Yorkshire pudding , honey glazed carrot.

Kids couldn't wait to open up their presents.

And the whole day was about eating, and eating :-)

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dress up

I love it when my kids play dress up. Little time to myself.

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Lego Technic

Yesterday, Adam showed us one of the part that which is belong to Lego Technic. It was a head of a character.

But I had a doubt of that part is belong to Lego.

After inspection at the part I said to J, it doesn't have Lego wording on it. Must be some cheap part that mixed up.

Adam : Technic parts don't have Lego word on it

Me looked at J...: Errr

It is time to accept that your kid is smarter than you.

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