Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This morning, woke up my children.

Adam, "Are you working today?"
Me, "Yes, sayang"
Adam, "Is it hard mum?"
Me, "Everyday is a new thing, so sometimes hard and sometimes easy."

Isn't he a lovely boy?

On the other hand, Sophie is a bit unhappy, because she doesn't have her and mummy time anymore.

But they sure will understand, as they grow older.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Back to work!

There are so many things going on with us at this moment.
We sold our house.
We bought a new house.
We are going to move end of this year.
Our kids are going to go into a new international school.
Our kids must pick up mandarin. So here is their afternoon gone.

And I got a job! My old job, but as a contractor. (Never complain! ;-)
So today is my first day at work, I had to attend an orientation and only left office at 6.
By the time I picked up my children from day care it was 6:45pm.

Guess what did Adam say, when he got into the car.
"MUM, why didn't you work longer so I can play longer!"

He learns mandarin everyday in the day care, so he is enjoying it.
Especially when he gets to learn a new character...
Don't you just love this boy, he is having fun learning!

Another thing..
My BIL in OZ just got married. My MIL is there with him and his wife, but she will drop by this sunday. Can't wait...and she will bring along my husband too who had to do Easter Fest.