Monday, May 26, 2014

Earth is sphere

Adam always asks us these challenging scientific questions.

Yesterday on highway

Adam: Dad, earth is sphere right?
J: Yes
Adam: Why this road isn't curve.
J: Because it is too big that you can only see it is flat and straight.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bro and Sis talk

I saw Adam long smiled when he listened to Soph's answered his questions.

I wondered what was in his mind. They play well. Loving this time.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

8 legs

Sophie loves to "menyampuk" whenever I asked Adam.
The second child syndrome is what we can describe her. Competitive, independence and should I say smart??? Hahahaha
J and I are second child too. So we totally agree with her character.

Adam on the other hand, always take time when giving answer. The perfectionist? He is careful. He wants his answer always right. But sometimes, he "tembak" too.

One day,

Me, "how many legs does an octopus have?"

Adam, "8"

Me, "do you know other animal that have 8 legs?"

Me, I gave him a clue, "it is not an insect".

We read about insect recently when Adam borrowed the book from library.

Adam, "errrr"
Thinking and he has this habit to touch his hair. Long story to talk about his bad habit.

Out of sudden Sophie, "SPIDER!!!"

J and I looked at each other speechless.

Adam, "I don't like Sophie, because she knows everything"

J and I giggled.
Sophie surely grinned.

This was an example of occasion. There are too many, nothing bad and good about it. They are siblings and it is normal for them to compete. :-)

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