Monday, June 23, 2014

What is up ?

Haa! It has been a while I am writing to this blog. J is on business trip for 2 weeks. Ok 2 weeks... Not that long but it is quite regular and I don't complain.

So what is up with me now? There are tonnes of things going on with me and family. With the job, family life and frequently travelling husband, Alhamdulillah I manage. I am glad that I had that luxury of three years to develop a good routine to my kids. I am glad they understand why do I have to work.

I didn't tell them that I work because of money. I told them, I have a role in this world. We as a human has to contribute to a good course. Adam started using desktop at his school and he noticed all of the computer has the word 1ntel in it. So I explained to him what I do at work.

We hopefully to get our new house key in these two weeks. Kids' school is sorted for Sophie and for Adam he just need to know which year group he needs to join. If you are my Facebook friends you probably know a lot about my personal thing that are going on. Our adventure tour in Penang, I made Adam's costume and my crazy photo and Adam's school. Such fun thing, despite my hectic schedule :-)

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