Monday, January 26, 2015

Phone in the pocket

My kids have been at school these 2 weeks, and I can tell they are loving it. The first 2 days, we sent them to their classroom, but now they are on their own to the classroom from the drop off zone.
This morning after dropping them school to school, I heard Soph cried while walking to the stairs.
So I had to go out and looked at her what is going on.

Soph had a mobile phone in her pocket. The school is very strict about bringing phone to school, so she probably cried because Adams scolded her. (Adam is those kind of follow the rule boy).
I am sure she didn't even notice it is in her pocket.. So I took the phone from her, and they both walked to classroom.

Guess what? J put the phone in her pocket because Soph always put that phone in his. (Case pekena balik) And it is actually the demo mobile phone that we asked from phone shop long time ago to make our kids shut up.

Haiih.. Not the right timing to pekena balik.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Oh..I have been neglecting this blog for quite sometimes. I want to write more about my kids progress. We are moving into a new town and loving it here. It is not like Penang where we used to live, but this town is just getting better and better day by day... till then.