Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sit together

This is my tonight looked like to get my kids to sit together and read..

A: I am not comfortable sitting on the floor. Sophie, can i sit on your pink chair.
S: No! You can't sit on my chair.
I: Adam, why don't you get a bean bag. Sophie go help Adam.
S: huhhhh...
A: Hurry up Soph... Now, don't take my m&m pillow. Thief!!!
S:I am not a thief, it is for family. You are a bully Adam. I will call the police to catch you.(While helping Adam pulling the bean bag)
A:Call then... You don't know the number.
S: I know... 999!!!

I: ***smiling***finally.

Kids art and craft

JIt has been a while I blogged about kids activity. So this weekend, while tidying up and getting organize their homework, Sophie asked to make lady bug because she wants to give to her teacher.

Yay!!! We are on school holiday for two weeks. 

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Lompat si katak

Today I decided to change our night routine. Instead of singing our three routine  songs, (burung Kakak Tua, papa ku pulang Dari kota and saya sayang ibu bapa) I sang to them new song that I have never sang before. It was "Lompat si katak Lompat". 

Their reaction was, "I know this song!!!"

I guess they must have learnt at school.