Sunday, November 15, 2015

Catching up .... What was going to on

I just find myself busy to update this blog lately. My schedule has changed unflexibly since I back to work in April last year. Although I have flexible arrangement with working on projects, I still have tonned task to complete. I was hired back for a project and  it is finished. Then, my contract  has been extended to another projects. 

Still busy with kids and I still haven't stopped doing what I love to do with them.. Here are some that I haven't updated in this blog.

     Adam's roast chicken recipe

   Making meringue
  Adam made speech bubble 

 Sophie made jewelleries 

 Improving Soph's cutting and writing skill...


  Building castle from recycle 

And the list goes on... And recently the both  are becoming camera shy. Ahh kids growing up so quickly.