Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inline skating

PI sat down with my kids asking what they want to do for their extra-curriculum activity. Sophie said she wanted to do singing because she wants to be like Taylor Swift. 

Funny isn't she. We are fine if she wants to become singer and  love her idea for a new challenge. But we figured out, how about she learnt how to read first. 
So we promised her she can do vocal on the next term, and at the same time encourage her to do more reading.

Because Adam is going for inline skating this year, so she decided to follow Adam. In fact she also followed Adam in the other seletctive activity. 

Here they are, yesterday started the class. As usual Sophie is the smallest in the class, perhaps the youngest. 

Adam usually will not have problem with any kinds of sports activity. I was so nervous if Sophie couldn't stand up and she will give up. 

But, it turned out she could do it slowly, and had been talking about it since then. 
Hopefully the interest last long. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Soph's village

While the boys went out for guitar lesson, Sophie and I spent our girl only time, of course making art and craft. Other than playing minecraft with her brother, she definitely loves art and craft. 

So today we made a barn playset 

We used shoebox, felt, cardboard, toilet roll, some coloured and decorative paper. While Sophie in charge all the animals using play dough. 

I helped out in cutting, and Sophie decided where to put things together. 

What impressed me is her playdough work. I didn't buy help her, but when she started making it, her idea kept flowing to make more and more.

These are two ladies with pizza and bread.

Piggy in the mud.

Duck and ducklings in the pond. This is my favourite.

Chicken nesting on the egg and a chick. 

She had been playing with it today, in the car. I just need to find a way how to make it easy to be carried around. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Clay Charms

      Last Christmas Sophie received this packaging of clay charms from Santa which I think he got it  from Kinokuniya in Siam Paragon.
     It comes together with clay, some metal charm bracelets, charms loops, some metal to stick into the charms, clay, glass and a small clay cutter.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo while Sophie making it. There are step by steps instruction on each of the design in the book. Because Sophie can be impatient and wanted to do it quickly, she just made anything she likes. 

I find the clay is a bit hard to squeeze, so it is not as perfect as the one the book when we made it.

Anyway, Soohie made hot dog, burger, spoon on egg and smoothie. While I made ice-lolli, French fries and doughnut. 

We have to bake the clay after decorating it. Overall, I find it is easy to follow and do. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My office aka craft room

Sophie loves art and craft. I don't really taught her as much as Adam but she is naturally loves making pretty things.

I have set up my office that allowed my kids to sit behind me whitely do her art and craft work. 

So usually after school she will come to my office and sit making somethings with less guidance. 

There are plenty art and craft book and blog that we can refer to for guidance. I used a lot from Red Ted Art, as I find the steps guided are easy to follow and most of the times the material used are easily find at home. My method is to let my kids build things from scratch as many as they can,  with little guidance. So giving them access to such environment will make them independencely looking for items they want to make. 

I tried to use as much as recycle item for my kids art work. So I made sure we have decent amount of boxes that we keep, egg carton, empty bottle, card board. You don't want to hoard so many boxes. Keep them flat so you have plenty of space to put others recycle item.

Their art supply I keep in the Ikea Raskog trolley. which my kids can easily wheel out of the room when I have serious phone call.  This is how ours look like. 


I stuffed with colouring supply, art and craft supply which I picked up from Mr DIY.

Craft paper...

And more papers...

They are not expensive supply, so if my kids make any mistake they can just making another new one. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy New Year

It is not too late to wish Happy New Year right? What I only have 6 post from last year. 

Kids are settling in a few days of 2016.
Adam had a good start for winning student of the week. Proud mummy. On Friday morning he was so confident he will be getting it. May be he knew he deserved it.

Sophie and I just finished making baby sleeping set. It is her first needle and thread work. Although she was scared at the beginning I made her tried it and she did well finishing seeing the button. 

Adam helped made the pillow, using sewing machine. (He is good at it now).