Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inline skating

PI sat down with my kids asking what they want to do for their extra-curriculum activity. Sophie said she wanted to do singing because she wants to be like Taylor Swift. 

Funny isn't she. We are fine if she wants to become singer and  love her idea for a new challenge. But we figured out, how about she learnt how to read first. 
So we promised her she can do vocal on the next term, and at the same time encourage her to do more reading.

Because Adam is going for inline skating this year, so she decided to follow Adam. In fact she also followed Adam in the other seletctive activity. 

Here they are, yesterday started the class. As usual Sophie is the smallest in the class, perhaps the youngest. 

Adam usually will not have problem with any kinds of sports activity. I was so nervous if Sophie couldn't stand up and she will give up. 

But, it turned out she could do it slowly, and had been talking about it since then. 
Hopefully the interest last long. 

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