Saturday, January 23, 2016

Soph's village

While the boys went out for guitar lesson, Sophie and I spent our girl only time, of course making art and craft. Other than playing minecraft with her brother, she definitely loves art and craft. 

So today we made a barn playset 

We used shoebox, felt, cardboard, toilet roll, some coloured and decorative paper. While Sophie in charge all the animals using play dough. 

I helped out in cutting, and Sophie decided where to put things together. 

What impressed me is her playdough work. I didn't buy help her, but when she started making it, her idea kept flowing to make more and more.

These are two ladies with pizza and bread.

Piggy in the mud.

Duck and ducklings in the pond. This is my favourite.

Chicken nesting on the egg and a chick. 

She had been playing with it today, in the car. I just need to find a way how to make it easy to be carried around. 

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