Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Sewing box

I It is always nice to be in KL during Chinese New Year. This is what we did every year when we lived in Penang. Less traffics than usual. 
However, this year I feel so many people are still around in KL not going back to the hometown. Probably due to bad economy nowadays. I don't know, just my observation.

Anyway, this morning we tagged along J to our nearby shopping mall. Sophie and I went to Daiso and bought some of craft stuff. We wanted to make sewing box. 

Nothing expensive, I used adhesive cloth to wrap the box. Then with glue gun I put decorative lace, and Sophie added adhesive ribbon. 

Then using glue gun I paste woven tape with her name embroideried on the box.  
I gave her some buttons, pin and sewing kits which she can put on the top compartment. I gave her very big needles with big hole. 

While inner compartment I put bigger size art craft. 

She is very happy with it. And I think this kit will make a very good party pack for bigger kids like more than 7 years old.

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