Thursday, March 17, 2016


I used to play bowling a lot before I got married. After 8 years, here we were again. This time with kids. 

Although most of the time bowl went into gutter, kids enjoyed it and want to play it again. 

Sophie's handwriting

These are some of Sophie's handwriting. She is trying her best to use phonics to make the word. 

We will just need to go through with her again, day by day. 

Straight Hair

As a human being we always envy for what we don't have. Then only we realize what we have actually enough and great. 

Similar to Sophie, she always envy at others with straight hair. Although, she gets so many compliments about how nice her hair is, she still wants to try having straight hair.

Just like many other girl who love Taylor Swift, she made comment how straight Taylor's Swift hair is in most of her recent video. Then, one day we showed to Sophie, that Taylor's natural hair is curly, and she had her hair straighten.

So last weekend, I brought her to the saloon. In fact, that was Sophie first saloon experience. Here she is. 

She had hair washed for the start. 

Hair all wrapped before the drying began.

Look, how curly her hair is.

Iron permed.

The result. 

Happy with straight hair.

Because of the humidity and Sophie played outside in the evening, her straight  her only last a day. 

It is all good experience to her. For my hubby and I we love her natural hair. Adam loves her straight hair. What ever is it, we said to her to love her for who she is. And she can always style her hair hair when she grown up.